Hey Everyone!
Welcome to A Recipe for Health. This blog's purpose is to educate readers about how what you eat affects your body. I aim to provide you with information about chronic diseases and provide you with healthy recipes to enjoy at home.
Who Am I:
An internal medicine resident that has a passion for healthy lifestyles and preventative medicine. The idea for this blog started during my journey at the medical school at Indiana University School of Medicine.
My name is Samantha.  In medical school I was a member of the wellness committee, a group of medical students who focused on teaching balance and self care to crazy busy students. During these years, I started to cook more and meal prep. This allowed me to eat healthy while juggling medical school, family, friends and working out.
I have to admit I am not a chef. In fact my talent is very limited in the kitchen. With that said, most of my patients and people I know do not have culinary training, are short on time, and have limited finances but still strive to eat healthy. These are the people I blog for, and I hope you are one of them.
Looking forward to sharing what I know about nutrition, medicine, and simple recipes.
Feel free to leave a comment or email me with questions at: culinarymedicineindy@gmail.com

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