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The Link Between Diet and Breast Cancer

October is national breast cancer awareness month.  With pink ribbons all around it is a perfect time to talk about how a person's diet affects their risk for developing breast cancer as well as affects the long term survival of those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Research has shown a low incidence of breast cancer in cultures where the diet is mostly plant based. Immigrants who have abandoned their diets of soy, rice, and vegetables and adapted the Western diet of meat, diary, and fat have an increase in the incidence of Breast cancer. There have been studies that show folate (found in fruits and vegetables) is protective against breast cancer. Additional studies show higher body fat increases circulating estrogens in the body and thus increases the risk of breast cancer. Diet also plays a role in the age menarchy begins in women, increasing the years of estrogen exposure and increasing overall breast cancer risk. With all of this said, how can a healthy

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