Healthy Alternatives

Are you a junk food junkie?!

When I crave junk food but want to stay healthy, I look for healthier alternatives to my greasy fatty favorites. I am always hunting for the next best recipe to replace a less nutritious option.

I have never been a person to be on a "diet," and I never limit myself from enjoying food.  With this said, I do not eat cheeseburgers and french fries daily. 

I have gone through phases in my life where I indulged in greasy fast food and ate out almost every meal.  During these times, I was always feeling tired, hungry and to be honest... bloated. 

It was a vicious cycle of eating large quantities of high calorie, high fat, high sodium foods.... feeling disgustingly full and lethargic... then crashing and feeling hungry again a few hours later. All of these symptoms are from the spike and dip in my body's insulin (see additional blogs below for more information on insulin), and all of these symptoms took their toll on my body.

Breaking this cycle with healthier foods full of fiber and protein, along with drinking more water, has increased my energy and made me feel fuller longer.

Switching to healthier options that curb my cravings is a way I never feel like I'm dieting, and I never regret a meal I just ate. Some of my most recent alternatives include:


Black Bean Burger Lettuce wraps-  
Less cholesterol and saturated fat than beef
Less carbohydrates when you wrap burger in lettuce
Same great protein to keep you full
Lots of fiber to fill up your belly
Just as tasty

Sweet Potato Cookies-
Less calories
No added sugar, no flour
Vitamins and nutrients from sweet potato
Protein from peanut butter 
Perfect option for when you "must have" a sweet

Zucchini Pizza-
Fun to make with creative toppings
Switching to 2% or fat free cheese makes these even healthier
Less carbohydrates than pizza crust
Rich in vitamins, fiber and antioxidants

Recipes for these yummy alternatives are on this blog

Stay tuned for more healthy alternatives to junk food!


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