Apple of My Eye

Tis the Season! It's Fall, my favorite season. October my favorite month. Halloween, my favorite holiday.  With that said, the past weekend was spent picking apples with Tommy. It was a perfect fall day, and we had so much fun. I now have a bundle of apples, and needed recipes of what to do with them.

Tommy and I picking apples: The apples at the top of the trees are clearly the most delicious!

This is our huge bag of apples! We may have been too excited picking apples and ended up with a very full bag

With such a large bundle of fall delicious goodies, I was on the hunt for what to make with them. Having an apple and peanut butter is only yummy for a few days.  So now onto the recipes: Some of my old favorites include...

Baked Apple Pies. This is a simple healthier version of a classic dessert. Here is the Recipe

Apple Chips:  These little crispy chips are so good and baking them makes the whole house smell like heaven. Here is the recipe.

These two classics are great, but this is my new recipe I created this weekend. Pumpkin baked Apples! This recipe is the best of both worlds, pumpkin and apple all in one healthy treat. Can we say YUM.

This recipe will be posted to the blog this week, and the link will be here.

Hope you all have fun fall activities planned this month. If one of them leaves you with a huge bag of apples, here are some ideas of what to do with them.



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