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Meal Prepping

Last year I blogged about the reasons why I meal prep, and the last blog focused more on how to start planning for your weekly meal prepping. Today, I am going to walk you through my actual week of meal prepping. 

To be completely honest, I have been traveling for holidays and residency interviews too much these past few months and haven't been meal prepping. My body is craving a steady healthy menu of meals that aren't ordered off a menu or made with sticks of butter at family holidays.

This Saturday I sat down and made a meal plan and list of ingredients I needed. My List:

And then hit the grocery store. My grocery haul:

Sunday morning, I did a quick jog and then began my meal prepping! This week's menu includes a lot of high protein meals. I am trying to get as much protein as possible from my diet before I start introducing protein powders. (See my blog on protein powders.) I am also trying to make an effort to eat breakfast daily; I am awful at skipping breakfast and just being starving by lunch. This is a bad habit I hope to change this week.


-Banana Pancakes

-Salad: When I am home and not packing daily lunches, I enjoy washing and cutting all of my veggies for the week on Sunday. When hunger hits, these veggies are all prepped and starring at me every time the fridge is opened. This week I also added black beans to these salads for extra protein.

Snacks: Portioning out my snacks at the beginning to the week is the best way I have found to prevent munching my way through an entire bag of almonds or chips. 
-Carrot Sticks
-Apple and Peanut Butter 


After I cooked and cleaned up my kitchen, I sat back and enjoyed a tuna burger. Meal prepping this week will help me eat healthy and get back on track.  I can't wait! I hope you take my week's meal plan and get started on your own meals for the week! The recipes will be posted throughout the week and then linked into this post.



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