Prepping for Residency

Prepping for Residency

I start residency this week.  In a few days I will go to sleep a medical student and wake up as a resident. I can't lie, I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. I will be working long hours.... Really long hours. With that said I want to have a lot of energy and eat as healthy as possible (With the exception of a cookie or two to comfort eat and not panic at times).

Today I meal prep! This is my grocery list:

During orientation, I talked about meal prepping with my co-interns.  A few people said they couldn't think of eating the same thing all week, it doesn't bother me much, but this week I am going to make the effort to have multiple meal prep options for each meal.

Breakfasts: Since I will be rushing in the mornings, I need grab and go breakfasts. This week my options are smoothies and a quiche. One is sweet and the other savory.

Protein smoothie: Making multiple on Sunday, freezing them and thawing one each morning is how I meal prep smoothies

Quiche: This quiche is very simple to make and great to cut up into individual pieces for each morning. (Link to Recipe)

Lunch: I will be packing my lunches for work. The weeks recipes are Mexican and Mediterranean bowls. They are are simple to assemble and tailor to your taste in ingredients. Layering is key to prevent the bowls getting soggy through the week. 

This is how I layer: The bottom layer is heavy items such as beans, rice, hummus. Next is chopped vegetables such as peppers, cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes. I keep tomatoes whole instead of cutting them because it decreases the liquids than can make the bowl soggy. On top of the vegetables goes the cheese, eggs and meats. The top layer is the lettuce. I then top the bowls with last minute goodies right before I eat them such as avocados (can turn brown if cut too early), salsa, Greek yogurt and dressings.

Dinner: Quick comfort foods are key for dinner after a long day. This week I am taking two of my favorites and making them healthier. Cesar salad and pizza! My mom introduced me to grilling romaine lettuce for the salad and it makes a Cesar so much better! I also made a skinny version of Cesar dressing.

Dessert: When stressed.... I crave sweets! It's finally summer, and that means I am craving ice cream. This is a new recipe I tried, its a dairy free no sugar added banana chocolate ice cream. It tricked me into thinking I was indulging on rich ice cream without the guilt. (Link to Recipe)

All of this weeks recipes will be posted this week as I find the time. Tonight as I write this, I feel relieved knowing that in the midst of the madness this week, there will be nutritious food waiting for me!

Have a great week


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