How is your New Year's Resolution going?!

How is your 2015 resolution going?  What resolution?!

Let's face it.... January first comes around every year and most of us have a list of self improvement ideas. We get all geared up to make changes in our lives. We join gyms, eat healthier, throw out junk food and swear off fast food. 

It's now June.... how are your goals for a healthier 2015 going?

This is a great time to stop and refresh the tips I suggested in January to stick to your resolution (Link to tips). It is also a great time to congratulate yourself on your progress, encourage yourself to stay on track and also remind yourself that TODAY is a great day to restart your resolutions! There is no rule stating resolutions can only be made on January 1st. Let's make the most of the 6 amazing months left in 2015.

My updates: I just realized I never stated my resolutions in January... they are to learn basic Spanish, cook healthy meals and practice yoga weekly.

1. Spanish: I was lucky enough to already have a basic Spanish book and CDs. I have tried to commit to learning Spanish many times in the past but never stuck to it. I originally started out doing very well with nightly 20 minute lessons in January, but then life got busy and I forgot about it. 

Today, I am starting back up with Spanish! After making a lesson plan, this resolution is ready to be completed. I hope to use Spanish in my clinical rotations during residency. 

2. Cook more: I thought about making my resolution "eat out less," but then I realized saying to NOT do/eat something makes me crave it more. Instead of having a negative statement, I made this resolution positive.

I enjoy cooking and this year I promised myself to commit to eating at home more than eating out each week. This is easier said than done with social events, being busy and having to take the time to plan out meals. I started out the year great with meal prepping and trying new recipes..... but the past month I graduated medical school and went on vacation, so there has been too much celebrating and not much cooking. 

With this said, I spent all day today looking up fun new recipes and making a grocery list.... look out for new recipes!

3. Yoga: I started ballet when I was 3 years old, and when I moved to college I quit taking regular dance classes. Through college and medical school I have realized yoga gives me the mindfulness and fulfillment ballet once gave me. I enjoy the challenge of a hard posture and pushing both my body and mind. Before 2015, my yoga practice has been sporadic, but this year I hope to work it into my weekly routine. I have been working on stretching after every workout and even in the evenings while I watch TV, a habit I used to have when I danced.  I have also been doing yoga every week. 

Since winter, I have been tracking my progress with pictures, and will post them later in the year.

These are my resolutions, what are yours? I'd love to hear about your progress or initiation of resolutions for 2015.

Weather you are continuing your resolutions or starting over today,
lets make 2015 your healthiest best year ever! 


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