New Year, New Week, New Meal Prep

Happy 2016!! I don't know about you, but my 2015 was very busy, exciting and fun. I graduated Medical School, traveled a lot and started residency. With that said, I fell out of my habit of meal prepping. I have spent the last 6 months eating out of hospital cafeterias. This week I am excited to get back into meal prepping healthy nutritious recipes for the busy week.

Here is the grocery list:

My breakfasts are very simple and frankly boring.... a protein shake made with banana and soy milk. There is no need to show you with that. So lunches this week are a mixture of zucchini wraps and an Asian salad. 

These wraps are so easy and you can fill them with anything that sounds good. This week I used hummus, but you can use laughing cow cheese, guacamole or olive tapenade as your base. Then layer on lunch meats and veggies. Simply roll it up and enjoy.  

This Asian salad is a quick colorful yummy lunch during a busy workday.  Recipe to follow this week.

This week's dinner is a low carb version of a favorite junk food. Spaghetti squash lo mein. The comfort flavor is still there, but without the regret of eating a bowl full of noodles. Recipe to follow this week.

Last, but most certainly, not least...... DESSERT! Everyone who knows me, knows I have a major weakness for sweets. This week I satisfied my sweet tooth with a health treat. FroYo Bars made with high protein greek yogurt and topped with nuts, chocolate and fruit. 

There it is, a full week of meals. Each recipe is simple and healthy. Recipes to follow daily this week. 


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