-Let 2015 Be Your Year of Personal Growth-

Tomorrow Starts 2015! Some of us may be spending  tonight dancing, others may be having romantic dinners and some may be relaxing while they count down to the new year. No matter what your plans are, there is one thing we all have in common... New Year's Resolutions. Tomorrow marks the day so many Americans start a healthier lifestyle, join a gym or take the first step towards a goal.

How many years have you or someone you know began strong and determined to fulfill their resolution in January but by May the idea is long forgotten? The gyms are packed in January, but by summer only the regular exercisers are left. 

Make 2015 different! With these five simple tips below, keep your resolution and make 2015 the year of self-improvement!

1. Keep it Simple!
-Stating that you are going to look like a super model, "never" eating out again, or  be completely fluent in Spanish by December 2015 will set you up for failure. Making larger than reality statements will leave you feeling discouraged by March.  
-Along the lines of keep your resolution simple, pick 1 or 2 attainable goals and focus on them. The trap I always fall into is  making a HUGE list of things I want to do this year, I start them all and in the end realize I bitten off more than I can chew. 
-Be specific with your resolution and allow for some flexibility. State that you will "limit" your eating out will allow for wiggle room to enjoy a best friend's birthday or celebrate a raise at your job without feeling like you have already failed.

2. Plan Multiple Milestones in Your Resolution
-Sit down today and think about milestones you want to meet and when you want to meet them. Having a whole year outline set for you now, will keep you on track all year long!
-If your goal is to lose the 20lbs of baby weight by next December, don't try to tackle all 20lbs now. Instead, set healthy reasonable goals. Example: losing three pounds by March 1st and another 3 pounds by Mother's Day. Having check points throughout the year will get you re-fired up this Summer, and help you keep your goal all year.

3. Set Reminders
-Most people think about resolutions in Janurary... but have long forgot them by August. Along with tip #2 in making your resolution a multiple step goal.. set reminders NOW to remind you LATER of your resolution. 
-Having checkpoints throughout the year that will pop up on your phone, computer or written on your calendar will remind you of the resolution you are trying to attain this year. 

4. Do it for you and let everyone know!
-Your 2015 resolution should be something you want to achieve! Be sure that you want this resolution; it is for your personal growth and no one else.The partner system can be a double edged sword. Partners can begin together in January, but by May your partner could have fallen of the wagon. You may then decide to quit yourself because "you don't want to do it alone" or "we will try together again next year." Remember this is YOUR 2015
-With that said resolutions aren't a secret and you should be proud to share yours with friends and family. This way they all know what your goal is, can keep you accountable and cheer you on!

5. Don't let one bad day/week/month ruin your year!!!
-2015 is 12 full months. If you have a stressful March and forget about your resolution, don't give up there!! Life happens, unexpected things come up, but that does not have to ruin your overall goal. The reminders you set yourself in Tip #3 should pop up and remind you to not give up. If you need to start over just do it then!  

Prepare for 2015 now... Enjoy tonight... 
Let tomorrow begin your journey!
Pop the Champagne and make 2015 one for the books!



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