Meal Prep 202

Another week of Meals! 

I can't get enough of meal prepping! I hope that my grocery list and weeks worth of recipes are helping some of you eat healthier, plan ahead for your meals and try a new recipe. Cooking more is one of my new years resolutions, and each week I am making an effort to try new recipes and foods.

The snow at my parents house!

The groundhog saw his shadow... that means 6 more weeks of winter. The midwest is now a cold snowy wonderland, and I have been craving comfort food. Warm soups, creamy dressings, CARBS and sweets. These choices can be horrible for your health, but I enjoy the challenge making these cravings into healthy options for the week.

As usual, I planned ahead on Saturday. This week's grocery list:

I went grocery shopping on Sunday:

This week's breakfasts are oatmeal bites.  I usually love a savory breakfast of omelets or leftovers, but this week I was craving sweets. These oatmeal bites are a healthy way for me to enjoy a sweet start to the day, or a sweet dessert before bed. They are even good enough to share  with my best friend during radiology lectures this week. Link to the Recipe!

Lunches are salads.  I love having one salad a day, so I make 5-6 salads on Sunday to enjoy for lunches or dinners each day.  This week's salads include yellow tomatoes, avocados, blueberries, egg whites and the most delicious Greek yogurt herb dressing (Link to recipe).  This dressing satisfied my craving for creamy dressings without having the guilt. I also dipped carrots in the dressing for a snack. 

Perfect Dressing to Replace Full Fat Creamy Ones!

Dinners this week is a terrific butternut squash soup with homemade croutons.  This warm soup and large crunchy croutons (Link to recipe) hits the spot on a cold night. Having a turkey wrap along side this soup is also great for when I am very hungry after a workout. (Link to Soup Recipe)

Warm Squash soup! So Filling!

This week's meals helped me eat great during my week of clinic and lectures.  I will be posting these recipes throughout the week and adding the links to this post. 



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