Spring Cleaning: A Fresh Week of Meals

Spring Cleaning Meal Prep

April showers bring May flowers!  With the warmer days I am craving fresh crisp foods.  Every year when the snow melts and the temperatures rise I stop craving warm soups, pastas and pizzas.  During spring I start craving fresh veggies, fruits and ice cream.  This weeks meal prep is focused on yummy fresh produce and lean protein.

This week's Grocery List:

Breakfasts: I am on my last rotation of medical school and still eating breakfasts on the go.  This week's fresh start of the day is smoothies.  Sweet fruit and filling protein. On Sundays it is easiest to make one big batch of smoothies, pour them into bottles and freeze them.  In the mornings, just take out one smoothie and let it thaw before enjoying.

Protein Berry Smoothie (Recipe in Link):

Lunches: Along with the theme of fresh crisp food, chicken salad with the crunchy nuts and fruit is amazing. Most chicken salads are not the healthiest choice mainly because the full fat rich mayo. This week, I took on the challenge of making chicken salad healthy.  Packed full of veggies and using non-fat Greek yogurt did the trick.

Chicken Salad (Recipe in Link):

Dinners: Nothing says warm weather like grilling to me. Fajita lime kebabs are this weeks yummy dinner. Eat them alone or over lettuce, black beans, brown rice. 

Fajita Kebabs (Recipe in Link):

These fresh easy meals were all prepped in one day, and enjoyed all week.  The recipes will be posted throughout the week. Hope this meal prep inspires you to eat clean and think of warmer days of spring and summer.


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