Back to School.... Prep School that Is

Another Week of Meals

It's starting to feel like fall, but I am still hanging on to the last days of warm weather and summer. With the mix between cool crisp nights and sunny afternoons, I prepped a week of meals that combine both summer tastes with warm soups of fall. Since starting residency, time is very limited, so these meals are very simple and quick to prepare. Great for anyone's schedule.

This week's grocery list: 

Breakfasts: This summer, I have exhausted the protein packed smoothies.  With the cool air during my walk to work, I crave something more hearty instead of a cool fruity drink.  My solution, home made protein bars. Here's the Recipe.

Lunches: Noon here still feels like summer, sunny and 70.Since the weather is bipolar, I prepped summer grilled classics for lunch. This week's healthier version of a burger and fries is my old favorite Tuna Burgers, and a new favorite Broccoli Tots.

Dinners: The cool nights again remind me of the lovely fall days ahead. I love coming home, throwing on a sweatshirt and enjoying a warm meal before bed. This week, I made a Salmon Tortilla soup, (Recipe) it combines the flavors of summer with the warmth of fall.

Desserts..... none. To put it simply, I have been eating WAY TOO many sweets these days. Today starts another round of my cutting out sweets, just as I did before in the blog "How Sweet it is." My goal is no sweets until Halloween, my favorite holiday. 

Hope you enjoy this weeks meals as much as I did. Recipes in links above.



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